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Brand new pet photography studio now open near Exeter. Dogs, cats and small animals all welcome.

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Exceptional Pet Photography

Pet Photographer, Devon

Welcome to The Darkroom Photography! I am Mandy Newby, a celebrated international dog photographer, horse photographer and pet business photographer. Based in the beautiful county of Devon, United Kingdom, I have had the privilege of traveling extensively across the UK and Europe, capturing the essence of your furry best friends in beautiful locations that resonate with you and your pet. 

As a renowned outdoor dog photographer & horse photographer, I am honored to have received multiple awards, such as International Equine Photographer of the Year 2022 and International Location Pet Photographer of the Year 2022. I also have a dedicated pet photography studio at Greendale Business Park, situated just outside Exeter.

As a fellow animal lover, my deep passion for pets is quite evident in my work. I frequently share my love for spaniels and my own pets—including Willow, our graceful Doberman, Penny, our working cocker spaniel, Pixel our new working cocker spaniel puppy, Audrey, our Quarter Horse filly, Dolly, our Dartmoor Hill Pony, and Bertie, our Guinea Pig—on my social media platforms. My own beautiful girls have been featured in some of my award-winning photographs.

My photographic style is cinematic, dramatic, and technically of the highest standard. Each image undergoes meticulous editing to produce a captivating and unique statement piece for your home. I collaborate with the UK’s premier print houses, ensuring your pet is showcased on the finest materials, from a hand picked and diverse selection catering to your individual preferences.

Should you be interested in booking a location session, studio session, or both, I encourage you to explore my website to learn more about the unique pet photography experience I offer. You will also find an assortment of products and packages, including a stunning collection of premium-quality wall art and fine art prints for display in your home.

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch. I look forward to meeting you and your pet soon.

Mandy Newby FMPA The Darkroom Photography

Dog Photographer Devon

International Location Pet Photographer Of The Year 2022

If you are a dog lover seeking a stunning piece of artwork featuring your furry best friend as the star, you have come to the right place. As a specialist dog photographer, capturing the beauty and essence of these loyal companions is my passion.

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts as our closest friends and faithful companions. They bring joy, happiness, and unconditional love into our lives, and my goal is to capture their unique personalities, soulful eyes, and endearing quirks in unforgettable photographs that will last a lifetime.

Every dog photography session I conduct is a bespoke experience, designed to celebrate your dog’s individual personality and breed. Each photograph is carefully edited to enhance your dog’s coloring and surroundings, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that you will cherish forever.

Should you have any questions regarding my dog photography services, please do not hesitate to contact me. As a passionate dog lover and specialist dog photographer, I am always thrilled to assist and create lasting memories for you and your furry companion.

Experience the Magic of Equine Photography

International Equine Photographer Of The Year 2022

At your equine photography session, I focus on capturing the special bond between you and your horse. Unlike dog photography, equine photography requires careful planning due to its logistical complexity. That’s why I take the time to select a suitable location and allocate up to two hours to capture your horse in the great outdoors.

During the shoot, I prioritize your horse’s comfort and safety. To capture the perfect shot, I recommend bringing along some of your horse’s favorite treats or toys to keep them engaged and ensure their ears are perked up. For safety reasons, I photograph action shots without a rider on a lunge rein, and all horses must have a head collar and lead rope at all times.

As the shoot takes place outdoors, I am mindful of weather conditions and monitor the forecast leading up to the day of the session. If the weather does not cooperate, we will simply reschedule for another day.

I recommend wearing sensible clothing and footwear to avoid slips or injuries, and to keep your horse under control, a head collar and rope are essential. I will provide a head collar specifically designed for photography, which can be easily swapped with your horse’s usual one at the start of the shoot.

Above all, I strive to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free for everyone involved. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My goal is to capture the beauty and connection between you and your horse in a way that you can cherish forever.

Devon's Premier Destination for Exceptional Pet Photography

Pet Photographer & Animal Enthusiast

Welcome to The Darkroom Studio, where all your pet photography needs are catered to in a custom-built studio right here in beautiful Devon.

With years of experience in pet photography, I have gained a reputation for exceptional outdoor dog and horse portraiture. Although I am most well known for as a dog photographer, all furry friends are absolutely welcome, regardless of their species. Whether it’s rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, or even reptiles, I would love to see you.

I understand that each pet has its unique personality, and my studio is designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your pets to relax and have fun during their photoshoot. With expert lighting, professional-grade equipment, an array of backdrops, and props, I am confident that you will be delighted with the stunning portraits of your beloved pets.

I invite you to schedule a visit to my studio and allow me to capture the true essence of your furry family members. At The Darkroom Studio, I am committed to providing you and your pets with an unforgettable experience.

Please note that at present, I am unable to accommodate horses in my studio. However, I can offer on-location shoots with a mobile studio setup. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

Wall Art & Prints

Unique statement pieces for your home

Having a professional photographer photograph your pet is an experience you will never forget. Images that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery are created especially for statement pieces take pride of place in your home. For more information on what products are available please check out my products and pricing page.

The photo shoot fee includes travel to the location of your choice and up to two hours photo session with your pet (s). After the photo shoot several hours will be dedicated to going through the hundreds of images taken during our shoot, only the very best will be selected for a full edit. The best images will be artistically edited to complement the model and their surroundings. Each edit takes over two hours to complete so your completed image gallery will be ready to view in around 14 working days.


Our wall art and print collections, including investment values, can be seen on the products and pricing page. The product guide can be requested prior to booking. Most clients tend to invest between £500 and £3000 on their pet photography session and artwork afterwards.

Pet Business Photography

Product, Lifestyle, Documentary and Brand Photography

As the proud owner and a devoted photographer with a special focus on pets, I am excited to extend my unique expertise to pet businesses. With a rich background in capturing the beauty and spirit of dogs and horses in the great outdoors, I am now bringing this passion to a wider array of pet-focused services.

Whether it’s showcasing the latest pet products, capturing the essence of dog training facilities, freezing moments of agility competitions, or documenting the excitement of shoot days, my studio is equipped to bring your pet business to life through my lens. I understand the unique needs of pet businesses and are committed to providing images that not only highlight the quality of your services but also resonate with the love and passion you have for animals.

Tailored Photography for Every Aspect of Your Pet Business:

Pet Product Photography: Let me help you showcase your pet products with stunning, detailed photography that emphasises their appeal and quality.
Dog Trainers and Facilities: I capture the transformative journey and bond in dog training, providing you with images that reflect the value and impact of your services.
Agility Competitions: Experience the thrill of agility competitions through photography, where each action-packed moment is caught in perfect clarity.
Shoot Days and Field Events: A personal passion of mine, my expertise extends to capturing the essence of shoot days and field events, focusing on the dynamic interaction between handlers, dogs, and the natural environment.

Equine Event Photography With A Difference

For those looking for something more from there event photographer

As the host of an upcoming equestrian event, you appreciate the dedication and passion that goes into training horses for competition. Capturing these unforgettable moments is crucial for both participants and the success of your event.

With years of experience and a deep passion for equine photography, I am dedicated to delivering stylish event imagery that will elevate your show or competition. My photography stands out above traditional event photography, offering a fresh, dynamic perspective that captures the true spirit of your event.

Why choose The Darkroom Photography for your equestrian event?

Expert in Action Photography: As a specialist in equine photography, I masterfully capture the perfect shots, showcasing the skill and elegance of each horse and rider in a way that is anything but ordinary.

Comprehensive Coverage: I work closely with event organisers to provide customised coverage, ensuring every aspect of your competition, from show jumping to best turned out classes, is beautifully preserved and uniquely presented.

Boost Event Exposure: The stunning photos I capture will be shared on my website and social media, generating buzz and attracting more participants and attendees to your future events.

Participant Incentives: I offer a range of photography packages, including prints, digital files, and photo albums, creating lasting memories for competitors. Online galleries are quickly available for participants to purchase their favorite images.

Elevate your next equestrian competition with The Darkroom Photography. Contact me today at 01392 927 907 or email me to discuss opportunities and make your event an unforgettable experience.

I can’t wait to work with you!

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Meet The Team

Furry Members Of The Darkroom Team

For those of you who have just found The Darkroom there are a few team members I would like to introduce you to.

Top Model & Queen Bee

Penny Newby

Penny is my daughter Paige's, WCS, she is 3 years old and she is absolutely hilarious. She is a very successful hunter despite looking like she walked right out of a Disney movie. She's crazy fast, crazy clever and the most loving little dog you could ever meet. She is absolutely Queen Bee in our house and why not with a face like that and such a waggy bum? Penny is learning Agility with Paige and loves every minute of it. To be honest she loves everything she does because she's a Spaniel.

Top Model & Cuteness Overload

Pixel Newby

Pixel is the newest addition to the household and as you can see she's a little baby WCS. I am not obsessed with Spaniels honest. She's Tri Coloured and looks a bit like Willow and Penny had a baby. She was my 40th birthday present and we are all absolutely smitten. Pixel is destined to be a top photography model like the other two, but we will also be doing Gundog training together. She's fast and clever like her big sister Penny and is so sweet and loving too. She was very quickly nicknamed Baby Shark because of the crazy puppy biting but that seems to be under control for the most part now so she's either Squishy or my little darling.

Top Model & Chief Napper

Willow Newby

Willow is our beautiful Doberman, she is 7 years old and loves nothing more than a nap. She's not very outdoorsy and doesn't do wet, cold, or windy which is very handy living in England. She can however sunbathe with the best of us and is one step off covering herself in baby oil to cook herself to a crisp. She has the most wonderful nature and temperament she's so soft and gentle not your average Doberman at all.


What do the humans have to say?

Dog Studio Photography

Sooty & Pepper

I can’t recommend Mandy highly enough, she is a fantastic photographer and was so great with our dogs. Having not done a studio shoot with the dogs before I wasn’t sure how they would be but Mandy made sure they loved the entire experience. From desensitising them to the lights and noises in the studio to getting the perfect poses with props and furniture she was brilliant. Will certainly be back in the future and have recommended her to all my friends with Pets!

Nick Halse
Dog Photography Studio

Dodger, Sasha & Winnie

Mandy has to be one of the most talented photographers i know! She is able to capture all my dogs beautifully and really knows how to show their individual personalities. Every single photo just takes my breath away!

Abbie Christopher
Best dog photography studio

Rosie & Willow

I couldn’t recommend Mandy any more, she is truly amazing. Mandy spent a lot of time making sure my dogs were comfortable in the studio and desensitised to the lighting and noises before we even started, and that was after all the time we spent drying them off! She was professional throughout but so friendly and welcoming at the same time. The pictures are just perfect and ones I will treasure for life, I will be recommending her to every equine and dog person I know and cannot wait to have more photos done! 10,000/10 star rating!

Sophie Hosking
Sept 2022


What an absolutely delightful way to spend an afternoon. Walking in the woods with my dog and the immensely talented Mandy. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but a genuinely lovely person. We had so much fun creating beautiful photographic art.

Val Milton
27th June 2022

Winston & Louie

We booked Mandy for a mini photoshoot. 3 dogs (incl a puppy & a lunatic Sprocker). TBH was panicking about how well they would pose/behave, but we had a lovely morning walking through the bluebells & along river at Hembury Woods with Mandy clicking away and with us encouraging the furbies. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves & best of all we absolutely adore the finished pictures!! Mandy did an awesome job & we would & do happily recommend her to anyone who would like a beautiful keepsake/memory of their much loved pets - thank you so much Mandy.

Christina Dove
28th Feb 2022


Highly recommend The Darkroom . We booked the photoshoot as I wanted one or two nice photos with hope to have one hanging on the wall in my lounge. I was slightly apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect as I would describe my dog as a “free spirit” and not one that you could pose for a shot! So, it went like this …. We went for a normal lovely dog walk, my dog done her usual running around like a lunatic, got dirty, done some hunting and swimming, we were joined by the photographer who was super friendly with a absolute passion for dogs. I am still in shock about how amazing the photos turned out. A normal dog walk with an end result of photos that look like they should be in high end magazine. So beautiful - I’m still in shock !

Lee Anne Stanford
25 May 2022

Barclay & Buddy

Loved our shoot, Mandy is amazing and defo got the best out of my fur babies. My only regret is not knowing about her before I lost my Alfie 18 months ago, as I know Mandy could have left me with precious pictures that I would have had forever. Would highly recommend her, she is not only fabulous at what she does but really puts you at ease and loves all fur babies.

Caron Loveridge
25 May 2022

Yogi & Teddy

Mandy was absolutely amazing with our dogs and we got the most beautiful pictures despite some dodgy weather! We had 4 dogs between us who, although very well behaved, aren't the best at sitting still, and it made no difference to the outcome of the photos so definitely don't worry if your dogs aren't super models! Mandy also edited a special picture for my Mum with some magical butterflies as she had seen another magic edit and wanted one of her dog.. Mandy did this straight away for us which was so lovely of her. Would 10000% recommend to anyone who is looking for some everlasting memories of their fur babies

Grace Chandler
12 May 21

Polly and Mishka

What an amazing experience. My dog and I went for a lovely walk, both enjoying the woods and the company, whilst Mandy snapped away with her camera. I have been kept up to date with all the editing and received sneak previews of what’s to come. Thoroughly professional and enjoyable. I would highly recommend to anyone that wants a beautiful keepsake. Thank you Mandy

Polly Coates
14 Nov 21


We had such an amazing experience with Mandy. We were recommended her by a friend and certainly were not disappointed. We were truthfully a little nervous about the shoot as our husky was only 9 months old and we worried she would not be able to get any usable photographs. She was so friendly and approachable it just felt like a lovely walk on Dartmoor. Our dog was so comfortable and really enjoyed it. We were absolutely shocked at the results they are so beautiful. Her editing is outstanding and the whole experience was amazing. We 100% cannot recommend enough and have already told our dog friends all about it and showed them the amazing pictures! Thank you so much!

Martin McClaughlin

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