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Award winning pet photographer

Mandy Newby

Hello & welcome to The Darkroom Photography, my name is Mandy Newby and I am an international multi award winning pet photographer based here, in beautiful Devon. I travel all over the UK and Europe photographing these important members of our family, in the places that mean the most to you and your furry best friend. I am best known for my outdoor pet photography having scooped a number of international awards for my location work. My current titles include International Equine Photographer Of The Year 2022 & International Location Pet Photographer Of The Year 2022. I am also thrilled to announce that this January 2023 my purpose built pet photography studio will be opening at Greendale Business park just outside of Exeter. 

You will probably guess from my chosen profession that I am an animal lover too. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will often hear about my obsession with spaniels and our own family pets, we have a few. Willow is our beautiful and elegant Doberman affectionately nicknamed ‘Captain Vacant’. She likes to sleep and loves her home comforts. She not outdoorsy at all, unless you include sunbathing. Penny is our working cocker spaniel, a typical spaniel everything must be done at a million miles an hour with extra enthusiasm. We also have a Quarter Horse filly called Audrey and a Dartmoor Hill Pony called Dolly. Then there is or Guinea Pig called Bertie. You will be able to find them all dotted around my website somewhere, Willow and Penny have also been the subjects in some of my award winning images.

My photography style is cinematic, dramatic and technically of the highest of standards. Each piece is meticulously edited to produce a unique & breathtaking statement piece for your home. I use one of the UK’s leading print houses to ensure your pet is displayed on the best quality materials, with the correct fixings and most importantly a large choice of options to suit your personal taste.

If you are interested in booking a location session, studio session or both please have a look over my website to see what to expect during your pet photography experience with me. You can also find out what products and packages are available including the stunning range of premium quality wall art and fine art prints your can choose from to display in your home.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Mandy Newby FMPA


Over 20 years experience using industry leading editing software

One of the questions I get asked a lot, often by other photographers is, how do you edit like that? I cannot stress enough that this style of photography is not point and click with a preset added in bulk. You will not end up with a thousand photo’s that all look vaguely similar from me. The best photo’s from hundreds taken on your pet photo shoot will be selected to be professionally edited in Adobe Photoshop. My work is a blend of traditional pet portrait photography and digital art. This part of the process is what takes up over 80% of the time in creating your pets gallery and the results are quite dramatic. This skill in post processing is the reason most people choose me to photograph their pets. You will come away with a totally unique, one off piece of artwork that cannot be reproduced.

With over 20 years experience using Photoshop the options for your photo shoot are endless. I often get asked for a touch of magic in my dog portraits, maybe a glowing butterfly or a firefly. For those landscape lovers I can combine a dramatic long exposure of your favourite location with your pets portrait. Do you have lots of dogs that won’t all look at the camera together? Or is one sneezing or blinking? No problem. I can swap heads, ears, eyes, composite individual portraits & swap backgrounds for that perfect group shot. Want something totally different? I can do that too. Turning horses into water, swapping the background from a beach to a church, dogs sleeping on fluffy clouds in the sky, our imagination is the only limit.
If you would like to speak to me about an idea you have for your photoshoot please do get in touch. In the mean time please check out some of my before and after edits to see what can be achieved.

Meet The Team

Furry Members Of The Darkroom Team

For those of you who have just found The Darkroom there are a few team members I would like to introduce you to.

Top Model & Queen Bee

Penny Newby

Penny is my daughter Paige's, WCS, she is 3 years old and she is absolutely hilarious. She is a very successful hunter despite looking like she walked right out of a Disney movie. She's crazy fast, crazy clever and the most loving little dog you could ever meet. She is absolutely Queen Bee in our house and why not with a face like that and such a waggy bum? Penny is learning Agility with Paige and loves every minute of it. To be honest she loves everything she does because she's a Spaniel.

Top Model & Cuteness Overload

Pixel Newby

Pixel is the newest addition to the household and as you can see she's a little baby WCS. I am not obsessed with Spaniels honest. She's Tri Coloured and looks a bit like Willow and Penny had a baby. She was my 40th birthday present and we are all absolutely smitten. Pixel is destined to be a top photography model like the other two, but we will also be doing Gundog training together. She's fast and clever like her big sister Penny and is so sweet and loving too. She was very quickly nicknamed Baby Shark because of the crazy puppy biting but that seems to be under control for the most part now so she's either Squishy or my little darling.

Top Model & Chief Napper

Willow Newby

Willow is our beautiful Doberman, she is 7 years old and loves nothing more than a nap. She's not very outdoorsy and doesn't do wet, cold, or windy which is very handy living in England. She can however sunbathe with the best of us and is one step off covering herself in baby oil to cook herself to a crisp. She has the most wonderful nature and temperament she's so soft and gentle not your average Doberman at all.


What do the humans have to say?

I can’t recommend Mandy highly enough, she is a fantastic photographer and was so great with our dogs. Having not done a studio shoot with the dogs before I wasn’t sure how they would be but Mandy made sure they loved the entire experience. From desensitising them to the lights and noises in the studio to getting the perfect poses with props and furniture she was brilliant. Will certainly be back in the future and have recommended her to all my friends with Pets!

Nick Halse

Mandy has to be one of the most talented photographers i know! She is able to capture all my dogs beautifully and really knows how to show their individual personalities. Every single photo just takes my breath away!

Abbie Christopher

I couldn’t recommend Mandy any more, she is truly amazing. Mandy spent a lot of time making sure my dogs were comfortable in the studio and desensitised to the lighting and noises before we even started, and that was after all the time we spent drying them off! She was professional throughout but so friendly and welcoming at the same time. The pictures are just perfect and ones I will treasure for life, I will be recommending her to every equine and dog person I know and cannot wait to have more photos done! 10,000/10 star rating!

Sophie Hosking

What an absolutely delightful way to spend an afternoon. Walking in the woods with my dog and the immensely talented Mandy. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but a genuinely lovely person. We had so much fun creating beautiful photographic art.

Val Milton

We booked Mandy for a mini photoshoot. 3 dogs (incl a puppy & a lunatic Sprocker). TBH was panicking about how well they would pose/behave, but we had a lovely morning walking through the bluebells & along river at Hembury Woods with Mandy clicking away and with us encouraging the furbies. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves & best of all we absolutely adore the finished pictures!! Mandy did an awesome job & we would & do happily recommend her to anyone who would like a beautiful keepsake/memory of their much loved pets - thank you so much Mandy.

Christina Dove

Highly recommend The Darkroom . We booked the photoshoot as I wanted one or two nice photos with hope to have one hanging on the wall in my lounge. I was slightly apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect as I would describe my dog as a “free spirit” and not one that you could pose for a shot! So, it went like this …. We went for a normal lovely dog walk, my dog done her usual running around like a lunatic, got dirty, done some hunting and swimming, we were joined by the photographer who was super friendly with a absolute passion for dogs. I am still in shock about how amazing the photos turned out. A normal dog walk with an end result of photos that look like they should be in high end magazine. So beautiful - I’m still in shock !

Lee Anne Stanford

Loved our shoot, Mandy is amazing and defo got the best out of my fur babies. My only regret is not knowing about her before I lost my Alfie 18 months ago, as I know Mandy could have left me with precious pictures that I would have had forever. Would highly recommend her, she is not only fabulous at what she does but really puts you at ease and loves all fur babies.

Caron Loveridge


Expert editing in Photoshop

FAQ's and Awards

Your Pet Photography Experience

International Equine Photographer Of The Year 2022

International Pet Photographer Of The Year 2022

Finalist International Pet Image Of The Year 2022

Finalist International Equine Image Of The Year 2022

International Illustrative Photographer Of The Year 2021

Do I get all of the digitals?

Digitals are not included for outdoor photo shoot sessions but can be purchased separately if desired. In the studio however, each package includes a number of high resolution digitals each printable to 8×10″.

Do you only photograph pets?

I am a pet photographer so I predominantly photograph animals but I do make exception for those that would like to be photographed with their furry best friend. Whether that is a horse and rider, or a special bond between a child and their dog I am always happy to capture those special connections.

My pet is elderly or terminally sick can you fit us in?

I will always do my best to make room in my schedule for an elderly or terminally ill pet. I can usually book you in on short notice and will make sure the location and pace of the shoot is suitable. The pace will be determined by how your pet is feeling on the day. I will always allow plenty of time and keep the session fun to get the most out of your dog or horse.

I have a reactive dog can I still have a photoshoot?

Of course. We can either select a public area that is very quiet or work on private property to ensure we are not disturbed. Leads and collars can be removed in post production so there is never any fear that your dog may be out of control. If you have a reactive or nervous dog, just let me know and can come up with a plan that will ensure everyone is safe, happy and confident.

My dog won't pose or look at the camera

This is what I hear the most and the truth is, they always do. Dogs are eager to please and eager for treats best food or a toy. That accompanied with a strange lady with a massive lens, lying on the floor making silly noises, we have a recipe for success. The photoshoot is the fun bit for both us humans and the dogs too. You will probably find that your dog finds places to pose long after the shoot has been completed.

What will I need to bring?

A collar and lead, or head collar and lead rope are essential on any photoshoot to maintain control of your pet in public areas, where necessary. Sensible footwear and clothing are advised to help prevent slips or injury.

Treats in the form of food or a favourite toy are the perfect bribery for performance. Horses are generally happy to stand elegantly for polos and dogs a ball or high value treat are all that’s required.

Can I share my shoot with someone else?

Of course you can share your shoot with someone else. Be aware that some shoot packages only come with one free print though so you might need to fight over who gets the print.

What if the shoot doesn't go to plan?

There are a number of reasons a shoot might not go to plan. The most common is the weather. I always keep an eye on the forecast and keep you uptown date up until the day of the shoot but sometimes the Met Office just get it wrong. If anything causes the shoot to be disrupted we will just re-arrange for another day.

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