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Where the magic happens

Expert photo editing in Adobe Photoshop

With over 20 years experience using Photoshop the options for your photo shoot are endless. I often get asked for a touch of magic in my dog portraits, maybe a glowing butterfly or a firefly. For those landscape lovers I can combine a dramatic long exposure of your favourite location with your pets portrait. Do you have lots of dogs that won’t all look at the camera together? Or is one sneezing or blinking? No problem. I can swap heads, ears, eyes, composite individual portraits & swap backgrounds for that perfect group shot. Want something totally different? I can do that too. Turning horses into water, swapping the background from a beach to a church, dogs sleeping on fluffy clouds in the sky, our imagination is the only limit.
So why wait? Don’t settle for mediocre photographs when you can have stunning, one-of-a-kind images that will take your breath away. Contact me today to discuss your ideas and let’s turn them into reality. Let me show you what’s possible with digital artistry. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Equine Editing

Background swaps, colour changes, ear swaps and even adding eagle wings

Digital Art

Something a bit different

A touch of Magic

Fun fairytale editing