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Fine Art Dog Portraits

Unleash the timeless elegance of your pet with our Darkroom’s Signature Range. I will transform your pet’s photos into fine art, capturing their personality in high-definition and transforming them into a captivating masterpiece. To create these meticulously crafted fine art edits, I apply expert Photoshop techniques to give your pet’s photo an artistically enhanced look, focusing on story telling, scenery, and composition. This is more than just a pet photograph, it’s a piece of art.

The Signature Range is more than a standard photography session. I begin with a comprehensive consultation to fully grasp your vision and understand your pet’s distinctive personality. This invaluable insight enables me to construct tailored scenes that perfectly capture your pet’s spirit and character.

I apply advanced artistic techniques during the photo shoot and in the post-processing stages. This includes expert use of natural light to emphasize texture and form, meticulous composition to tell a story, and a keen eye for capturing those unscripted moments that reveal the true essence of your pet. If necessary, additional lighting will be used to ensure the perfect shot, but the focus is always on working with the beauty of natural light.

The goal of the Darkroom Signature Range extends beyond the photographs themselves. This service is designed to create high-end, bespoke wall art. I offer a variety of premium print products, from fine art pieces to contemporary metal prints. Each piece is meticulously hand crafted in the UK to ensure your pet’s portrait is not just displayed, but truly showcased in your home or office.

When you invest in the Darkroom Signature Range, you’re acquiring more than a photograph – you’re obtaining a personal and deeply meaningful piece of art that will be cherished for generations. This service is an experience, an investment in quality, and a distinctive tribute to your pet’s individuality.

Statement Pieces and Galleries

What to expect from your Dog Photo Shoot

Every photo session I offer includes a comprehensive pre-shoot consultation. This initial discussion can take place in person at my welcoming studio located in Woodbury, or if you prefer, we can converse over the phone or via a Zoom call. During this consultation, I’ll get to know you and your pet better, understand your expectations, and outline the photo session’s creative direction to ensure it perfectly encapsulates your pet’s unique personality.

Following our consultation, I’ll travel to a local destination of your choice for the actual photo shoot, which typically lasts between 1 to 2 hours. This could be a place where your pet feels comfortable and at ease or a location that holds a special significance to you and your furry friend.

Upon completion of the photo session and post-processing work, I’ll invite you for a face-to-face gallery reveal session at my purpose-built pet photography studio, conveniently situated near Exeter. Here, you’ll be presented with a carefully curated gallery of 1-10 final photographic pieces. This is a special moment, a time to enjoy the beautiful images of your pet and choose your favourites.

Your chosen photographs will then become the basis for your bespoke artwork. Almost all of my clients choose to immortalize these images as wall art or create stunning wall galleries. Each piece is meticulously crafted in the UK, reflecting an investment in quality and timeless memories. The average client invests between £500 and £3000 in these bespoke, handmade artworks, a testament to their love and admiration for their pets.

Please note that while I am more than happy to travel for your photo shoot, any journey exceeding 25 miles from the studio will incur a mileage charge at a rate of 50p per mile. This allows me to provide my services across a broader range while covering the costs associated with travel.

If you have any questions about the process or are ready to embark on this unique photographic journey, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always here to assist you in creating a memorable and cherished visual narrative of your pet’s life.

The Darkroom Signature Recommends

The Signature Float

Presenting the Signature Float Frame, a notable standout in our custom-made framing options. Expertly constructed from grained wood, this frame is intentionally designed to capture attention and accentuate the refined beauty of your pet’s portrait.

Your treasured photograph is printed on premium Photo Rag, a top-tier fine art paper renowned for its exceptional durability and finish. The image is then mounted onto archival mount board, ensuring its vibrant colours and intricate details are preserved for generations to come.

What truly distinguishes our Signature Float Frame is its distinctive floating design. Your pet’s portrait is precisely positioned within the frame, generating a subtle space between the backboard and the print. This unique arrangement imparts a captivating illusion of your pet’s image levitating within the frame.

Elevating the frame’s exclusivity is the incorporation of Artglass, the industry’s leading anti-reflective glass offering 99% UV protection. This virtually “invisible” glass maintains a neutral reflection colour, preventing your precious keepsake from fading over time.

Recognised as the top anti-reflective glass in the market, Artglass is the go-to choice for industry professionals and museums. It preserves the true colour, texture, and beauty of your framed artwork with unparalleled clarity and UV protection, ensuring the vibrancy and details of your pet’s portrait endure year after year.

To provide a polished, flawless finish, the frame is completed with a matching fillet spacer. You have the freedom to choose from four stunning moulding colours to perfectly complement your artwork and personal aesthetic: Black, White, Dark Grey, and Dark Brown (Wenge).

Our Signature Float Frame is not just a frame; it’s an investment in superior craftsmanship, longevity, and the unique narrative of your cherished pet. Encased in the highest quality glass, each glance at this timeless piece will transport you back to that special moment, immortalised in fine art. Protect what’s important with the Signature Float Frame and celebrate your enduring bond with your pet.

Gallery Quality Artwork Of Your Pet

Your Dog Photo Shoot Experience


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What do the humans have to say?

Sept 2022


What an absolutely delightful way to spend an afternoon. Walking in the woods with my dog and the immensely talented Mandy. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but a genuinely lovely person. We had so much fun creating beautiful photographic art.

Val Milton
27th June 2022

Winston & Louie

We booked Mandy for a mini photoshoot. 3 dogs (incl a puppy & a lunatic Sprocker). TBH was panicking about how well they would pose/behave, but we had a lovely morning walking through the bluebells & along river at Hembury Woods with Mandy clicking away and with us encouraging the furbies. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves & best of all we absolutely adore the finished pictures!! Mandy did an awesome job & we would & do happily recommend her to anyone who would like a beautiful keepsake/memory of their much loved pets - thank you so much Mandy.

Christina Dove
28th Feb 2022


Highly recommend The Darkroom . We booked the photoshoot as I wanted one or two nice photos with hope to have one hanging on the wall in my lounge. I was slightly apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect as I would describe my dog as a “free spirit” and not one that you could pose for a shot! So, it went like this …. We went for a normal lovely dog walk, my dog done her usual running around like a lunatic, got dirty, done some hunting and swimming, we were joined by the photographer who was super friendly with a absolute passion for dogs. I am still in shock about how amazing the photos turned out. A normal dog walk with an end result of photos that look like they should be in high end magazine. So beautiful - I’m still in shock !

Lee Anne Stanford
25 May 2022

Barclay & Buddy

Loved our shoot, Mandy is amazing and defo got the best out of my fur babies. My only regret is not knowing about her before I lost my Alfie 18 months ago, as I know Mandy could have left me with precious pictures that I would have had forever. Would highly recommend her, she is not only fabulous at what she does but really puts you at ease and loves all fur babies.

Caron Loveridge
25 May 2022

Yogi & Teddy

Mandy was absolutely amazing with our dogs and we got the most beautiful pictures despite some dodgy weather! We had 4 dogs between us who, although very well behaved, aren't the best at sitting still, and it made no difference to the outcome of the photos so definitely don't worry if your dogs aren't super models! Mandy also edited a special picture for my Mum with some magical butterflies as she had seen another magic edit and wanted one of her dog.. Mandy did this straight away for us which was so lovely of her. Would 10000% recommend to anyone who is looking for some everlasting memories of their fur babies

Grace Chandler
12 May 21

Polly and Mishka

What an amazing experience. My dog and I went for a lovely walk, both enjoying the woods and the company, whilst Mandy snapped away with her camera. I have been kept up to date with all the editing and received sneak previews of what’s to come. Thoroughly professional and enjoyable. I would highly recommend to anyone that wants a beautiful keepsake. Thank you Mandy

Polly Coates
14 Nov 21


We had such an amazing experience with Mandy. We were recommended her by a friend and certainly were not disappointed. We were truthfully a little nervous about the shoot as our husky was only 9 months old and we worried she would not be able to get any usable photographs. She was so friendly and approachable it just felt like a lovely walk on Dartmoor. Our dog was so comfortable and really enjoyed it. We were absolutely shocked at the results they are so beautiful. Her editing is outstanding and the whole experience was amazing. We 100% cannot recommend enough and have already told our dog friends all about it and showed them the amazing pictures! Thank you so much!

Martin McClaughlin

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