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Beach Equine Shoot

Health and Safety

I agree to abide by the following rules to participate in an Equestrian photoshoot with The Darkroom Photography:
  • The horse must be fit and well to both travel to and participate in the photo shoot.
  • You must have permission to use the horse if they are not your own.
  • Proof of insurance must be provided.
  • You will park in a sensible area with plenty of room for loading and unloading.
  • You agree to bring all relevant equipment to restrain the horse including a spare incase of equipment failure. Head collars and lead ropes are an absolute minimum. Horses are to be under control at all times.
  • A minimum of two competent handlers must be present at all times.
  • You understand that equine shoots take place early in the morning to avoid the public. In the unlikely event the beach is busy the shoot cannot go ahead for the safety of the public and your horse.
  • You agree that both competent horse handlers will not stretch the limits of your own ability or that of the horse.
  • Riderless photography will be performed on the lunge rein. The activity must stop immediately if a member of the public or dog is near by.
  • Riders must provide video footage of their competence prior to the shoot. Failure to provide a video will mean your second handler will ensure your safety on the lead reign.
  • Novice riders must be on the lead rein at all times.
  • Riders will bring your own safety equipment and the correct tack for the horse that fits properly and is correctly put on.
  • You understand that animals do not always react as we expect and this may cause danger to the public, if any situation arises that is unsafe the photoshoot will be terminated. A full refund will be provided or can be rescheduled at a new location or we can try again in the future.
  • Second handlers must ensure any horse waste is removed from the beach immediately and disposed of. You agree to bring provisions for this.
  • Photo shoots will not take place in adverse weather. If the forecast is unsuitable the session will be re-arranged.
  • You will provide fresh water for the horse to drink where appropriate.
At the Darkroom Photography there is zero tolerance for abusive or aggressive behaviour towards all animals. Anything of this nature will not only be reported to the authorities but will result in immediate termination of the photo shoot without a refund.