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Equine Event Photographer

Show jumping, showing & eventing

As a specialist Equine Event Photographer, I am dedicated to capturing the authentic, unscripted moments of your equestrian activities. Whether you’re show jumping, presenting in hand, or enjoying the beauty of your horse, I am here to photograph these special experiences.

What I  Do

In-Action Shots: Focusing on real-life action. My photos capture you and your horse in the moment, whether that’s navigating a challenging jump or executing a flawless dressage routine.

Horse Training and Grooming: There’s something special about the bond between a rider and their horse. I love to capture those training moments that show the progress, the challenges, and the successes, as well as the meticulous grooming and preparation for best turned out classes.

Event Coverage: From local shows to larger competitions, I am on hand to photograph all the action, ensuring every detail and emotion is beautifully preserved.

What do my customers say?

Mandy is a supremely talented photographer. She recently covered a dog training camp for professionals which I hosted. Her tireless enthusiasm, professionalism and obvious interest in her subject matter, resulted in an astonishing 7 day portfolio.
It was so hard to choose my favourites – so I may have purchased a ‘library’ rather than a keepsake 😂
Thank you Mandy and the Darkroom for your support and brilliance 🌟🌟🌟🐾
Highly recommend!!
Sunshine Camp 06 October 2022

Equine competition photographer

Friendly and Approachable Equine Event Photographer

Here to chat about what you need. Want to capture the thrill of show jumping, the elegance of your horse in hand, or the serene beauty of the countryside rides? Let me know. My photography is about your experiences, and I aim to showcase them in the best light.

Your Memories, Captured

I believe in creating images that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come. My photos are more than just images; they’re memories of perfect performances, the bond with your horse, and the joy of the sport.

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