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On the 22nd of January 2022 I was absolutely delighted to find out I had won the title of International Illustrative Photographer of the Year at the 38th annual Master Photography Awards.

This photo was made for a competition during lockdown called the ‘Great British Click Off’ the ‘Click Off’ boss Martin gave us a brief each week and this weeks was one of the 4 elements. I immediately decided on trying to create Poseidons Horses.
Now, in my head there was going to be a massive great big wave and the water horses running out of the surf. We headed down to Seaton sea front on the Sunday optimistic for waves because of the wind. It was like glass.
Next on the list was Westbay in Dorset. It didn’t disappoint. We had waves!!! The problem I had was for the shot I wanted I’d need to be waist deep in the sea when it was really rough with thousands of pounds worth of camera kit and the fact I can’t swim. So I made the best of what we had.
Next! We headed to Alex’s mums stables. I decided Posy would be best because she was the closest to white (she’s Palamino and white, Lily is a Chestnut) and we popped her on the lunge rein.
The next bump was to get the ‘running out of the surf’ effect Posy would have actually had to be jumping. Posy isn’t much of a jumper more of a trot over a jump or avoid the jump kind of girl so we went with her doing a nice trot.
I had my images, next up. Photoshop. It took 4 hours to work this out and I have over 20 years experience using PS! At first I couldn’t figure out why the water effect was looking too busy when I realised it was actually because Posy isn’t all the same colour so it was creating an outline around her markings. Once I’d figured out how to do it for one I had to repeat three times then stitch it all together to create the final piece.
Although it’s not exactly what I had in my head (I’m not sure how well I explained that) I was still happy with how it came out. Also it’s not like anyone can say I got it wrong because I’m not sure horses made of water exist…?
Anyway. I’m super chuffed to have won an award and if I’m honest even more chuffed it was with Super Posy who has done an amazing job getting us all riding with her sister Lily over the last year.
I have some really cool ideas for the 2022 awards and this time Lily is going to be the star. Cross fingers she does as well as her little sister.
Here you can see my Award winning picture featured in the Midweek Herald.

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