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This comes up quite a lot between photographers but what do you guys make of photography awards? Does it make any difference to you (when selecting a photographer) if they win awards, or do you just pick the based on photography style? Is it exciting for you if your pet scoops an award? Does it not bother you but you find it interesting to see? If I am planning specific award photo’s do you want the option to be involved with your pet? Does it make zero difference to you at all?
A lot of photographers take awards incredibly seriously and get jolly upset when they don’t win. For me awards are about acheiving  a consistently high standard, I enter a mix of personal projects (which are normally more out there) and clients works. What I am looking for is lots of merits/bronzes so that I know the work I am giving YOU is of international print competition standard. Sure, winning is lovely but not every photo can win an award, it’s what speaks to the judges at the end of the day. But, getting lots of placed images shows a consistently high standard portfolio which is what I am going for. What good is having a few good shots if the rest are naff, right?
So far this year I have been awarded:
2021 International Illustrative Photographer of the Year
2021 International Commercial Finalist
Eleven 2021 International Merits
Southern 2022 Pet Photographer Of The Year
Southern 2022 Equine Photographer Of The Year
Southern 2022 Equine Finalist
7 Southern 2022 Merits
Gold Award May 2022
Silver Award April 2022
Four High Bronze Awards 2022
Twelve Bronze Awards 2022
As always I want to hear from you. Let me know what your thoughts on awards are in the comments below. Is it a good thing or a waste of time?

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