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Hello everyone! You have probably wondered what has happened to me as I have become a little quiet over here.

We went on holiday!!!! We have just been over to Spain to stay with Alex’s brother and his wife. We had the BEST time. The weather was amazing, so much so that is feels chilly back here, to us. I have also become addicted to coffee topped with whipped cream which is fantastic news for my waist line. As you know, it’s been warm here and is getting warmer. Although I am more than happy when the temperatures hit the high numbers, our furry friends need to stay out of the Sun. Shoots that were scheduled for hot days have been re-scheduled for a cooler alternative.

I have been a busy Bee since we got home, collating my international award entries for this year. I am entering 12 images in total. I am always interested to hear your views on awards do you like hearing about them? Would you like to be involved in award projects? Do you have any ideas? I would love to hear your thoughts. While we are on the subject, I should probably tell you my view on them. Awards, for me, are a good opportunity for me to push myself and do something a bit different. It is also important for me to know that my standard of photography remains at a high level. I like to be confident I am producing the best possible work for you. What I am aiming for is a consistently high standard, so, if I get lots of merits, I will be supper happy with that. If I win something I will be very excited to receive something shiny as I am a total magpie, but I won’t be taking myself too seriously any time soon. The image featured on this post is heading for the awards. It is a photo of Exclusivv and a photo I took on my iPhone on the way home from Spain combined. Let me now what you think in the comments below.

Coming up soon I will be photographing a dog training event in North Devon which I am really excited for and before we know it the beautiful Autumn colours will be here for those of us that love those warm vibes.

Don’t forget, I am always thrilled to hear how your fur babies are getting along and what you have all been up to. Make sure you keep me posted.

Thank you to you all for your support and if there is anything you would like to ask or any suggestions I am all ears.

It’s hot, but it won’t be for long, go and enjoy it but leave the furries at home,

Love always,

Mandy Newby FMPA






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