The Experience

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What would you like to achieve? This luxury process is all about you and the connection you have with your pet. Would you like a series of images for a beautiful album? Would you like a cinematic statement piece of your four legged friend in their favourite place? At this stage we discuss what you are hoping to get out of your photography experience, select a location and time for your shoot and run through what you will need to bring to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.


The shoot

Join me in a location of your choice for a relaxed walk in the countryside or town for an exciting & memorable photography experience. Watch as your pet shows us all why they are so incredibly special. My pet won't pose I hear you say, it's what everyone says until their time to shine. They adore the attention and are only to eager to please.



With 20 years experience in Adobe Photoshop there is little I can't do with this industry leading software. Turn your horse into water? Why not! Create light on a grey day? Of course. The options are endless, this is truly where the magic happens and what takes the most amount of time. The editing process takes around two weeks in total but it is definitely worth the wait.


Creating your piece

Once your images are edited you will be invited for a personal viewing of your photo gallery. Here you will be able to view the images we created for your statement piece or album. You will be able to view samples of the wall art and albums you can choose from and make a final decision on your bespoke piece of art.

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