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Why do I use Photoshop? Is it because I need to edit my way out of being a naff photographer? Am I just cheating? Some will (and do) say it is cheating and here is why I think those people are wrong….
Professional photographers need to be able to create something the public can’t or there would be no point in booking us, we all know that right? So having the amazing (not to mention expensive) kit we do and editing software gives us that edge.
We are running a business. You all know how much I love my job. Most of the time is doesn’t feel like work at all but as much I enjoy it, if I sit around and wait for perfect lighting conditions, three dogs standing in the same focal plain without any of them blinking, sneezing, having a scratch or just the wrong way round entirely I wouldn’t have a business to run. Now, that is not to say it doesn’t happen. Of course it does but when the odds are stacked against you ,having a plan B is the only option if you want to get the job done on the day you have been booked to do it.
You can create really cool pictures. People don’t think it’s cheating if you use a slow shutter speed to show the movement of water or a shallow depth of field for a nice blurry foreground and background so why is the line using Photoshop? If I used focus stacking for a landscape thats ok but if I stitch three dogs together it’s cheating? There are some weirdos out there for sure.
Obviously, you can’t please everyone and thats the beauty of the creative arts, we all have different tastes. For me, I am sticking with Photoshop. I absolutely love it and here is why…. Check out these three beauties. Yep you guessed it, it is a composite of 4 images.

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